1. BULK PURCHASE (warehouse): We offer a discount from the domestic market depending on the size of the order. We prepare all shipping documents. ***If you want us to arrange shipment, we have a variety of options available.
  2. OEM/ODM/Private label orders: MOQ: A 3-part (style, color, size) technical packet with a specifications sheet and/or measurements is necessary. Sampling takes up to 10 business days.
  • Bulk order lead time depends on exact items, yarn availability and quantity
  • Minimum production quantity of yarn:
    • Solid colors: 50kg
    • Melange / Mouline colors: 100 kg

Customers are responsible for providing their sub materials within 2 weeks from order confirmation date. Price Quotes are based on FCA Ulaanbaatar /incoterms2000/

***Deposit of 30% of the total order amount. Remaining 70% balance due before shipment.


***There is no import duty tax on cashmere products exported from Mongolia to EU countries according to GSP+.***For all other foreign import duty tax rates please refer to your local agents.

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