How to wash and care for cashmere knitwear at home?

  • Add the dedicated detergent liquid to the lukewarm water (18-20C°) and dissolve it thoroughly.
  • Soak and rest the cashmere knitwear in the water with liquid detergent for 8-18mins.
  • Wash it with a gentle squeeze and do the resting process 2-3 times.
  • Thoroughly rinse it with clean water and gently squeeze it.
  • Put the cashmere clothes on a clean and bright colored towel and reshape it into its original shape to dry it.
  • Once your cashmere is dry, iron it from a distance of about 2cm with a steam iron.
  • Fold the ironed clothes and store it in a dedicated bag.


  1. Store your cashmere knitwear folded in a special bag.
  2. Storing the cashmere knitwear on the hanger for a long time will cause it to get stretched and lose its proper shape.