1. The shipping fee for online purchases within Ulaanbaatar is 3,000 MNT if the price of the product purchased is less than 80,000 MNT; if it is over 80,000 MNT, the shipping fee is 0 MNT. The fast shipping fee is 10,000 MNT regardless of the purchase amount.
  2. The order will be delivered in 3 business days within Ulaanbaatar after the confirmation of the order. If the customer chooses the fast shipping method, the order will be delivered within 24 hours after the order is confirmed.
  3. We will immediately notify the customers if the delivery is delayed due to external forces, public holidays, border, weather, or other circumstances.
  4. Delivery area is limited as follows:
    • SKhD: Tavan Shar Bus Terminal
    • ChD: Chingeltei
    • SBD: Doloon Buudal
    • BZD: Uliastai Intersection
    • KhUD: Zaisan, Yaarmag, Nisekh
  1. If delivery is out of the delivery area, we will transmit it to the local transportation company. Additional costs for this shall be settled by the customer.
  2. When the order is in the delivery process, the notification will be sent to the customer’s registered e-mail and mobile number.
  3. The customer can request to change the delivery address before the order is on delivery. When the order is completed and on the delivery, the delivery information is not able to be changed, so the customer needs to contact and send a request directly to the delivery company. Khanbogd Cashmere LLC shall not be liable for any issues or costs regarding this issue.
  4. The customer should provide the correct delivery address and contact information. Any issues caused by providing the wrong information shall be settled by the customer.
  5. Khanbogd Cashmere shall not be liable for any issues caused by the customer, including providing a wrong or incomplete address, not being able to receive the order, not being on the address provided, not being able to contact, etc. In this circumstance, the customer may arrange redelivery that costs 5,000 MNT or visits the office and pick up the order.
  6. Khanbogd Cashmere LLC shall fully settle any issues caused by our service, according to the customer’s request in case of error, deficiency in the order, or system failure in our service.
  1. When receiving the order, the customer needs to check if the ordered size, color, and design are correct.
  2. If the order is received and the customer signs on the confirmation form, the return is not valid except for the following reasons.
    1. In the following situations, the product can be returned:

    • The product was defective when it was delivered.
    • The request for replacement of the good was made because its size was ill-fitting (too large/small), but the replacement of the product was not available in the warehouse; Even if the size is as same as it is ordered, the product may not fit due to some features of its brand or design. In this case, you may exchange the product, or if it is not available in the store, you may return it.

2. In the following situations, the product can be exchanged:

    • When the product was delivered, its design, size, color was different; /If the product in the correct color, size, or design was not able to be exchanged, you may choose another product and pay the difference in the price, or you may return the product/
    • The product had a manufacturing defect.
  1. The purchased product can be returned within 72 hours after the delivery. You may return the product in person or request to return it from where you are. When you return the product, the shipping fee of 5,000 MNT shall be deducted from the price of the product being returned. If you return the product from where you are, an additional return shipping fee of 5,000 MNT along with the original shipping fee shall be deducted.
  2. The product will be returned/exchanged based on the receipt of the purchased product, and the condition of the product should be able to be resold.
  3. If the package is opened, damaged, or soiled, it is not eligible for return or exchange.