How to register to the system?

To become a registered user, you should fill out the information required in the Sign-up section on the front page of the website.

How do I confirm my order?

You should put your chosen products in the shopping cart and enter your delivery details and make the payment, then the order will be confirmed.

Can I cancel my order?

Once the order is confirmed it shall not be cancelled. Please refer to our Shipping & Return Policy.

How do I pay the order?

  • You can use any debit card, Socialpay, Storepay, Qpay, or make a transfer to our bank account.
  • When making the transfer to the account, you should click on the Purchase button to get your order number, and do not forget to write your order number on the transaction description.
  • Khan Bank: 5121012605 MNT, Receiver – Khanbogd Cashmere

When will I receive the product I ordered?

  • Your order will be delivered within 3 business days since the order is confirmed.
  • If fast shipping is requested, the order will be delivered within 24 hours since the order is confirmed.
  • The preparation of the order and the delivery date may be delayed due to any force majeure, special circumstances, or workload. In this circumstance, we will notify the customer about it before the order is placed.

Do you have a delivery service?

Yes, we have a delivery service.

Can I not use delivery?

Yes. You may not use the delivery.

Can I return the product I ordered?

When you receive the order, please make sure its size, color, and style are correct and it fits you. After you confirm that you received the order by your signature, you cannot return or exchange the product.

In the following circumstances, you may return the product:

  • The product was DEFECTIVE when it was delivered. When the request for replacement of the product was made because it was ill-fitting (too large/small), but the replacement of the product was not available in the warehouse. Even if the size is as same as you ordered, the product may not fit due to some features of its brand or design. In this case, you may exchange the product, or if it is not available in the store, you may return it.

Can I exchange the product I ordered?

In the following circumstances, the product can be exchanged:

  • When the product was delivered, its design, size, or color was different from what was ordered;
  • The ordered product was defective and not working properly as it should.

If the product in the correct color, size, or design was not able to be exchanged, you may choose another product and pay the difference in the price, or you may return the product

The product will be returned/exchanged based on the receipt of the purchased product, and the condition of the product should be able to be resold.

If the package is opened, damaged, or soiled, it is not eligible for exchange.

Sales, Gift Card, and Bonus Point?

  • Registered users can collect the points by making purchases and leaving the comments as log in to their registered account. They may use their points to reduce the price of their next purchase or to choose from any equivalent promotional products. Click here for more information about our Loyalty program.
  • Log in to the site using your register and visit the User section on the right top corner of the site, then click on the POINTS section to check your points.