Khanbogd Cashmere is female-driven with more than 90% of its employees being women. Our company values single mother households and aims to provide a sustainable workplace for them. Moreover, we work on supporting our employees with home-owning opportunities in accordance with our corporate social responsibility framework.

Furthermore, we work closely with the relevant administrative bodies and government organizations to continuously provide assistance to the elderly and vulnerable families.

In October 2018, we pledged 90 million MNT to Bogd temple of Bayankhongor province to build safe playgrounds for children with equipment manufactured in Korea.

On March 18, 2019, Khanbogd Cashmere signed a Memorandum of Understanding with World Vision Mongolia and in 2020, our company presented 5 families gers located at Bogd temple in Bayankhongor province.

As part of our continued cooperation with World Vision Mongolia, a renowned international NGO, our company provided a free training course to 100 people aged between 18 to 40 on how to wash cashmere, dehair and the knitwear manufacturing process. We offered vulnerable families paid internships and employment opportunities at our factories. For our employees, through the collaboration with World Vision Mongolia we organize personal education and development training 3 to 4 times a year called “Family Joy” and “Shared Savings Group”.

Moreover, we built a livestock watering tank, dug wells, and planted numerous trees in Umnudelger temple in Khentii province and Bogd temple in Bayankhongor province.